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Shoreline and riverbank landscaping in Lac Brome

We recently conceived and realized a landscaping project on the shoreline of the lake in Knowlton. The goal was to adapt the use of the space to the new legislation as well as valorize, protect and enhance the quality of the water and land. Our expertise combining biology and agronomy has allowed us to design the right arrangement of shrubs and perennials requiring little maintenance and matching the existing landscape. We had a lot of fun and acknowledgement even in this higly demanding context. Here is a few point to consider when designing your shoreline.:

Riverbanks: consult, get informed, search.

High biodiversity and recreational opportunities overlap in a small space. It is therefore really worth it to consult reference works, the ministry's websites and professionals in the profession. But more than anything you will have to consult yourself: clarify your needs, your timetable and your resources to get there. Here are some questions that will help you in this regard: What are your favorite times of the summer season, what colors/smells do you want to surround yourself with? Are there views to block or enhance?

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