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Landscape Design 

Our permaculture practices and principles allow us to create landscape designs that highlight the potential and uniqueness of each property. With an emphasis on natural resources, sustainability, and the overall enjoyment of the space, our designs bring value and impact. We design plans using an interactive platform called Tisane et Jardin. It allows you to be accompanied in the discovery of the plants we will lay out in your landscape.

What's Included 

Plan aménagement paysager.png

Planting Plan 

A scale plan of your new yard, including flowerbeds, hedges, lawns, and structuring plants (trees and shrubs).

Screen Shot 2023-12-26 at 3.38_edited.jpg

Plan of Infrastructures & Buildings

Our plans clearly show the scale, the patios, terraces, paths, parking lots, and buildings to come, as well as the existing structures.

Plan aménagement paysager images montérégie. Landscaping design in Montérégie.

Plant Description Sheet

Including the common plant name, the quantity present, and their location on the site. A chance to receive abundant information about the plants that will constitute your nourishing and enchanting ecosystem.

Coupe de profil pour permis de construction à Sutton_edited.jpg

Comprehensive Photos 

Receive images that are clear and understandable to quickly translate our ideas into clear and tangible content. Hereby is a profile cutting for a building permit in Sutton.

Plan de plantation bord de l'eau Lac Brome_edited.jpg

Explanatory Notes

We offer comprehensive notes so one can easily understand the narrative of the plan from a specialist point of view. The reasoning behind the choice of areas, plants, materials and priorities according to us.

Aménagement paysager design in Landscaping in Montérégie and Brome-Missisquoi.

Gardening & realisation maintenance 

We will provide you with the material and the explanations to assist you in becoming the custodian of the ecosystem and we will put you in contact with professionals concerned about the quality of the work to be carried out.

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