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Our Services 

Turnkey Designs and Integrated Landscape

Our passion and devotion moves us to create beauty and meaning even through the most challenging conditions. With experience, we have developed a method involving science and art.


   Landscape Design

In addition to organizing the land and its elements for greater well-being, we design plans using an interactive platform called Tisane et Jardin which allows you to be accompanied in the discovery of the plants we will lay out in your beautiful and useful landscape. You will be able to have many cultivation tips and a broad understanding of how to relate to a specific plant.

 Plan aménagement paysager entretient minimale à Waterloo.

Commercial Gardens and Event Spaces

As well as residential contexts, we also have experience with larger-scale production gardens that consider aesthetics and integration with nature. Event and gathering spaces that tend toward a permaculture vision as is the case with the site in the photo (Ferme Oneka, Frelighsburg).

Aménagement paysager commercial plantes médicinales Frelighsburg. Landscaping project with medicinal and natural stone.

Parks and Eco-Sensitive Areas

Our passion and devotion are at their peak when it comes to developing or carrying out work for creating parks and shoreline developments, which often involve many elements. We are the perfect team for any project that requires knowledge in biology/ecology, agronomy, carpentry, engineering, and the human emotional aspect.


Regenerative, medicinal and edible flowerbeds

Creation and realization of flowerbeds with continuous flowering or fruit that attract pollinators and birdlife throughout the season. These can also support the holistic health of your family or provide you with a wide range of perennial vegetables and herbs that can be used in your home. Our horticultural knowledge is vast and covers both ornamental and utility plants.

Conception et réalisation aménagement écoresponsable et faible entretient à Waterloo..jpg

High Yield Vegetable Gardens

Prepare for your gardening season with our advice and the scaled plan of your vegetable garden. Benefit from the database of the Herbal Tea and Garden online application specially designed to support you in the choices and actions to be taken in addition to our great expertise.

Potager haut rendement écoresponsable à Granby.jpg

Custom Stonework 

Creation and realization of dry stone walls, paths, stairs, terraces, fireplaces, and outdoor rest areas. We specialy like the integration of natural stone for the Art aspect that they allow us to work with. The Art, or the aesthetic aspect for us means to create a connexion with all the aspect of a project: Natural surrounding, the buildings, and you the care giver of the oasis, for example.

Patio en pierres naturelles. Natural stone patio.

Food Forests

Give a natural look while improving the performance of your landscaping. Selected fruit trees and shrubs share a land plot with perennials, edibles, and medicinals, all supporting one another's vitality. As a result, all layers of vegetation are covered, the plants complement each other, and the harvest is abundant.

Food forest in Granby. Forêt nourricière à Granby

Customized Patio and Lounge Spaces

In our vision, all good landscaping requires a comfortable resting place that reflects the tastes and needs of the occupants. From the design to the planning and realization of the smallest details, our technical knowledge and design experience can make it happen.

Aménagement paysager à entretient minimal. Low maintenance landscape. Inspiration pour paysagement à Cowansville.


Passive greenhouses 3 or 4 seasons, garden boxes, henhouses, patios, our know-how and our experience will take care of your needs. For our projects, we prioritize the most local and rot-proof tree species (hemlock and cedar). The plans and specifications of the structures we  install were conceptualized by local experts Les Serres des Laurentides inc.

Serre solaire passive dans projet paysagement à Sutton. Passive greenhouse in a landscaping project in Sutton.

Garden Maintenance

Maintenance of flowerbeds and changes to practices in order to develop an eco-responsible and minimal maintenance approach while preserving the beauty and wonder they can arouse. Our objective is to create the greatest amount of impact with the least amount of maintenance, the philosophy at the heart of permaculture gardens and design.

Entretient plate bande style classique au château St-agnès à Sutton_

Natural Swimming Pond 

Our team is actively dedicated to developing practices and offering innovative services that can bring people and nature closer together. 2023 will mark the start of this new branch of our activities. Follow us to stay up to date with developments for our ongoing project in Waterloo.

Étang baignable dans Aménagement paysager à Waterloo. Natural swiming pond in a landscape project in Waterloo.
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