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Our highest vision is to alchemize beauty, harmony, and unity with the foundational and practical plans of our existence. We are here to create abundant and regenerative outdoor spaces that encourage a lifestyle in harmony with nature, and self-sufficiency, and support the highest states of wellness.    - Francis Veronneau 

About us

Aménagement paysager et biodiversité. Landscaping and biodiversity.

Our Story

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After returning home to Canada in 2010 from a transformation journey abroad, inspired by the sustainable ways of life in the countryside villages and small towns of Italy and the reading of the book “The one straw revolution” by Mosanobu Fukuoka, Francis chose what would become his life’s work of PermacultureHe then began his formal training in agro-environment at the Institut of Agroalimentary of Québec, followed by several additional trainings in permaculture, mycology, biology, geobiology, and greenhouse culture. He went on to work in community gardening initiatives, large-scale plant production, residential gardening, and commercial garden management. He held leadership positions with several well-established and notable landscaping companies before embarking on his own entrepreneurial adventure and creating Fleur de Vie Landscaping in 2019. Since then, he has focused on creating, designing, and realizing a large array of residential, commercial, and municipal projects. 

Francis thrives in a multitude of environments where the intention is to create beauty and structure. His greatest strength is his connection to the land and being a bridge between the natural and human worlds. Since 2020

the Fleur de Vie team has expanded work in collaboration with an exceptional crew of skilled workers who all have their own specialties and abilities and support the vision collectively. 

Outside of landscaping, Francis devotes his energy to being a Father and a husband and creating a beautiful and sustainable rhythm for his family. He trains in Kundalini yoga and as an Aware Parenting Instructor, but his most valued role in life is supporting his daughter as she discovers the beauty of nature and creation.

Meet The Team

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