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Aménagement paysager inspiré de la peermaculture. Inspired by permaculture landscaping natural stone wall.

Values of Permaculture Design

Connection & Interaction 


Diversity & Resilience 


How to be inspired by nature and the architecture of the human world that surrounds it.

Reciprocal relations with the land in support of the longevity of the integrated design.

Self-sufficient and multi-functional spaces that flow with the elements of nature.

Nature’s reward when we understand and integrate all of the elements in one given area.

Our Services 

Landscape Design 


Plan aménagement paysager.png
Entretient et service-conseil plate bande style classique au château St-agnès à Sutton_

Satisfied Customers

Francis created a nice original design for our front yard using slate and boxwood. He had the vision to make our yard look great. Very detail orientated, professional, willing to make last minute changes and kept the project within our budget and on schedule. I would definitely recommend him for his creativity, dependability.

Francis and his team work wonderfully well. We loved our experience and highly recommend them. Work well done and estimated project time respected. We now have our little piece of paradise in the backyard.

Francis and his team have given us complete satisfaction: excellent service, advice, attention to detail, reliability, respect of deadlines and agreements, reasonable price and very beautiful result! We recommend them with pleasure.

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